Students in Sheffield are back

It’s that time of year when you can tell the academic life at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam are back in full swing as the city is now swarming with students. All of a sudden, the population of Sheffield seems to have grown by 50%, and young people are everywhere.

Students in Sheffield

While the lack of peace and space on the streets is annoying, I have to remember how I ended up living in Sheffield. Yes, I was a student in Sheffield once. Yes, I decided, like many students do, so stay and live in this great city of Sheffield after my studies.

I have also got drunk and the Sheffield University Student bar many times. I have wandered down West Street in my first year looking for decent bars and not realising I was on the worst street in Sheffield for a weekend night out. I’ve been part of the noisy packs of students, wandering down Sheffield’s Ecclesall road, up Broomhill and down Broomhall and in Student Accommodation¬†in Crookesmoor.

So, I should be patient and understanding about the influx of students. I should also be grateful that I live in a peaceful area of Ecclesall that students cannot afford to live in! While I’ve seen many T-Shirt students near my offices in the city center, I still have the student-free tranquility of¬†Ecclesall wood to enjoy on the weekend.

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