Prams and Trams and Oldham

On my way back to Sheffield, I stopped off in Oldham to visit an old Cambridge friend who I don’t get to see nearly as often as I’d like. It seems like a lifetime ago when we were strolling among the dreaming spires with our plans for the future. Yesterday, we were in Oldham. Such are dreams.

She is expecting her first child in a few months and the time has come for her to start buying all the essentials for a new-born baby – cot bed, car seat, buggy. She works very hard in her career and doesn’t get much free time, so my flying visit had to include a bit of baby shopping.

Oldham isn’t exactly a shining metropolitan beacon, but it seems that there is one thing they do have. If it’s baby stuff you want, they’ve got a whole warehouse of the stuff waiting for prospective parents to check out. The company is called Online4Baby and their Oldham Pram showroom is just off the M60, which was pretty handy. Everything she might have needed, all in the same place – perfect for someone without much time for traipsing about the high street.

She was looking for a side-sleeping crib, as she wants to practice co-sleeping. It sounds like a nightmare to me, but I’m not planning to be a father any time soon. There was quite a range of them, and she eventually settled on one.

In fact, she was so impressed with the place, she decided to move her schedule forward and buy a pramtoo.  In fact, both items fitted in with the budget that she had for the crib on its own. And they gave her a free gift too, which was nice.

It was great catching up with an old university colleague, comparing how much our lives have changed. We sat and had a coffee (rather than tequila and Coke like in the old days). I’ll have to try and catch up with her again soon.

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