Cosmetic Surgery – why?

I thought I’d take to my blog again to get something off my chest. The reason? Well, a friend’s wife has just had cosmetic surgery in London, breast enlargement no less, and it’s really annoying. Why? Why did she bother? Why do people voluntarily mutilate themselves by having unnecessary ‘cosmetic’ surgery?

Fair enough, some people might need operations as they’ve been scarred in a fire. Maybe your breasts have got so large over the years after having 100 children that you can’t walk anymore and you need them reduced. You might even need surgery if your so fat that you can’t fit through the door. But why do normal people with nothing really wrong with them do it? It doesn’t make any sense.

The internet is full of cosmetic and plastic surgery stuff. Operations, procedures, breasts this, enlargement that,  implants and implant danger, even cosmetic surgery news. After the whole PIP scandal people are still choosing to stick salt water in bags into their body for no reason.

Have a look at these breast before and after pictures from a London Cosmetic Surgeon. Is it just me, or do the smaller ones look much nicer and more natural? Not all men want super large boobs on their woman. Not only that, but have you seen the cost? WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE COSMETIC SURGERY! It’s crazy.

Anyway, I feel much better after my plastic surgery rant. Needless to say, if you want to spend all evening talking about cosmetic surgery and you new enlarged breasts from London, please don’t ask me to join you.


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