Botox in Sheffield?

A story that I heard recently pricked my interest in the bizarre. One night in July in Sheffield, someone set up a ‘get your botox now’ service in the toilets of a pub, selling cheap anti-wrinkle injections to the drunken punters. The amazing thing is that apparently people were queuing up to actually go for it, it was that popular.

Now the idea of injecting toxins into your face to smooth out wrinkles (botox), sounds strange enough, but that people would actually this done in the toilets of a pub with someone they have never met before, rather than a fancy clinic like Sheffield botox/medispa place near where I live in Sheffield. What are they thinking?

I know, I know, I’m very judgmental about this type of thing, but people never cease to amaze me. I mean, what’s wrong with a few wrinkles? It shows that you’ve lived and laughed. Why remove them and then look like a statue with a expressionless face? Why is botox so popular? I love Sheffield, and most people here are friendly and great, but this goes to show that the city has it’s fair share of idiots as well. Botox in a pub toilet I ask?

What next? buttock injections in nightclubs? Nose jobs in the winter gardens? Botox stalls at broomhill market?


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