A Yorkshire Christmas Holiday

I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holidays this year. It’s been a long, busy year it’s the one time of year I can just take some time off without  having to go abroad or a wedding or fix up the house. Also, I’ve got an extra bonus, I’m having my holiday break at home in Yorkshire this year!

My parents are going away for the first time since they moved. They are leaving sunny Lancashire to join up with my brother to stay in a holiday home in the Yorkshire Moors, complete with his wife and two boys. That’s given me the perfect excuse to stay at home this year in Sheffield, for my first Yorkshire Christmas for years.

My plan is to get a lot of Bitter in and a bit of Whiskey. I’m also planning on going for a few country walks in the Peak District. Apart from that, I’ll knock up some Duck for the day, and have a great day for myself. I’m also planning my summer holidays next year with the cycling boys, and I want to stay in Yorkshire this year for that as well. I love cycling in the dales!

Merry Christmas!

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