A private detective company in Sheffield?

I came across a Sheffield based private detective company the other day. Now I’m a big fan of Steve Moffat, and think Doctor Who is much better now he’s in charge. I enjoyed the RTD days, but I much prefer the new doctor and direction. Anyway, the Sherlock Holmes series was on recently, and I was watching the DVDs the other night and thought I’d see if we have an equivalent in Sheffield.

After searching for private detective agencies, I came across quite a few who have an office in Sheffield. Pretty weird to think this type of stuff goes on, but I had a look at what a modern private detective does on the website. I was surprised to see a lot of it is computer stuff nowerdays. I guess everyone uses the internet for everything now, so it’s not a surprise really. I guess hacking and computer monitoring would be pretty important skills for them and I thought I could apply!

Thing is, the detective agencies also had things like honeytraps, matrimonial services etc. I didn’t like the sound of that, snooping around and seeing if someone’s cheating of their partner. I do like the bizarre though, and it’s nice to think that there are real private detectives roaming around Sheffield.

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