A foundation degree?

I’ve been thinking of doing some more higher education recently, a possible pre-cursor for a career change. I’ve been looking around, and a foundation degree sounds like a good bet. I’ve been thinking of looking at an Environmental course so maybe I can get a job outdoors. I’ve been fed up of being stuck indoors programming for the last few years, and after spending a lot of time camping outdoors during the two bank holiday weekends in May, I’ve been thinking about if I should switch jobs to something that involves being outdoors. Of course, I’d love a job in the Peaks.

I’ve already got my degree, but it seems too time demanding to study for a whole another BSc (or even an easy BA!), so I’ve been looking at Foundation Degrees I could study for while working.

I’ve been doing some reseach into what level is a foundation degree, and found this higher learning at work guide. It seems to be considerd a degree level, but just much more vocational. That’s pretty handy if I’m going to go for one ruthlessly to get a job. There are, of course, problems with studying for a foundation degree and changing careers. Here are the two big ones:

  1. I’d have to sacfirce my spare time to study, meaning less real ale, climbing in the peaks and cyclying.
  2. Programming actuallyt pays pretty well. The kind of jobs I can get working outdoors don’t pay so well.

Anyway, I’ll be thinking it over, but could studying for a foundation degree by a life changer, or will I forget about it all after another cold and wet summer? This one might be in the hand of the weather gods.

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